Royal Soap Oprah & the ‘Super Straight’ Movement

Royal Soap Oprah: Interview Draws 50 Million Global Viewers

The best character assessment of Meghan Markle is simply “how she has treated her father,” according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

Founder of ‘Super Straight’ Movement Receives Death Threats, Harassment After Media Hit Pieces

Reddit bans forum, TikTok censors hashtag.

Because confident straight people trigger  Moonbats. The inclusive society is exclusively for snowflakes & perverts. They will not rest until we all become sexual deviants.

The founder of the ‘super straight’ movement, which asserts the right to not be attracted to transgenders without being labeled “transphobic,” received a wave of harassment and death threats after the media ran hit pieces against him.

The movement began last week when Kyle Royce posted a video to TikTok outlining how he’d created a new sexual identity – super straight.

BBC Too Woke,  Not Good Value for Money

More than one-third of Britons think that the BBC is “too woke”, with more than half believing it is not value for money, the findings coming as a wave of pensioners reportedly refuse to pay licence fees.

Migrant Crisis Escalates: 115 Illegals Land in the UK in One Day

It’s not a “crisis”, it’s an invasion.

Virus will return as needed:

UK: Top Prof: New “Surge of Coronavirus” To Return Later This Year

Andrew Neil is a traitor

The ostensibly right-leaning Spectator magazine’s Chairman has admitted his platform is “pro-immigration” and “pro amnesty for illegal immigrants.” Andrew Neil is supposed to launch the Fox News-style “GB News” channel in the United Kingdom later this year.

UK: Anti- Invasion leaflets are illegal

POLICE are appealing for information after anti-immigration leaflets were delivered to homes in Stroud.

A far right group has been posting the flyers, which claim white Britons will become “a minority by the 2060s or sooner”, through resident’s letterboxes.

ISIS Terrorist was ‘Radicalized’ at UK Mosque: Killed 130…

Alleged Terror Plotter Told Pro-ISIS Group Chat He Wanted to ‘Hunt Down’ Gay People in the UK, Court Hears

SIS Recruiting British Children Online During Pandemic…

Out: International Women’s Day. In: International Penis Day

Beijing Angry After UK Diplomat Writes in Favour of Media Freedom on Chinese Social Media

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  1. An encore performance Friday night as these poor downtrodden victims prattle on about muh racism.
    Every comrade who views this will receive an increase in rations and a freshly charged EBT card.
    Forward! Yes we can.

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