The Great Deceit

If the EUSSR has their way and the UN continues to operate as a quasi world government, Europe will be Islamic & black within one generation. 500 million unassimilable savages are ready to set sail and enrich us with their presence. Government apparatchiks in Europe are complicit. On the one hand, they pretend to be concerned and do something about it, on the other hand, they keep the floodgates open and aid & abet the invasion.

The Great Deceit

UK: Over 150 illegal migrants arrive in one day as Home Secretary vows immigration reform

Yet again. And again. It keeps on happening in a cycle: the population gets rightly disgruntled that Muslim migrants keep flooding in illegally (during coronavirus lockdown to boot); then come the promises by the UK Home Office to stop it, and nothing gets done, especially since the UN supports it.

As Jihad Watch reported two weeks ago, no illegal migrants have been deported since Brexit, despite the record numbers of arrivals.

PA leaders in touch with US, EU, and Israel to ‘find a solution’ to pay jihad terrorists’ salaries

Paying jihad terrorists to stab and blow up Israelis is top priority for the PA, and they’re brazen about it. So here’s how they intend to continue funding their jihad: “In order to continue paying terror salaries to the 7,500 terrorists already released from prison, the PA has decided to create thousands of new civil service positions, thus camouflaging the payments to the terrorists as if they were payments to government employees. As part of this program, the PA has even recruited the released terrorists into the PA security apparatus.”

Just make sure they keep coming:

Italy: Social Security Chief Proposes Expanding Basic Income to All Immigrants

Italy: Basic Income for All Immigrants?

The head of Italy’s social security entity has been criticised for calling to extend the basic income initiative to include migrants who have been in the country for less than ten years.

Nearly 500 Migrants and Activists Occupy Paris Square for Hours

Nearly 500 Migrants and Activists Occupy Paris Square for Hours

WTF is a pro-migrant activist? It’s a communist useful idiot helping islam invade to destroy civilisation. An invasion manager.

Utopia 56 released a statement, saying the protest was to demand accommodation for the homeless across France, claiming that the French government has identified three million unoccupied homes.

We don’t want any more camps. We want housing. The government seems to be unaware that it is leaving the most vulnerable among us sleeping outside, in the middle of a pandemic.”

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  1. The great replacement fundamental transformation?
    Easily controlled mommygov dependents until the free stuff runs out anyway.
    They view the welcome mat as weakness and will turn against the clueless burn it all down comrades.
    The PRC/CCP will own this century.
    Confucius say-We pwn you now Baizuo, you ASO!

  2. The West is destroying itself by voting for politicians who want to replace them. Hard to believe, but that is what the people of the West are doing.

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