Today marks day 365 of “15 days to slow the spread.” Do you feel played yet?

 Biden’s first 54 days: -Schools still closed -Crisis at the southern border -Record spending on liberal causes -Rioting on the West Coast -Military politicized -Inflation rising -Higher taxes coming And House Democrats only want more!

Trump walked into North Korea alone. Biden won’t address Congress guarded by 5000 troops.

The biggest scientific farce in modern US history.

The biggest mistake of Trump’s presidency and it’s not even close.

The creation of 2 celebrities disguised as “experts.”

One year ago today: 15 days to flatten the curve. A day to live in infamy.

DemRats create a disaster only to blame the climate, or #Trump

Masters of the Universe: Zuckerberg Has More Power Than Any King in History

the investigative journalism group Project Veritas has revealed footage of Facebook Global Planning Lead Benny Thomas highlighting the need for the government to break up Facebook. Thomas adds, “No king in the history of the world has been the ruler of two billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is — and he’s 36.”

Meghan Markle was traumatized by the media scrutiny so she moved to Hollywood, signed a Netflix deal, did a primetime interview with Oprah, and now is preparing to run for president. But remember, if you suggest that this woman might be totally full of shit, you’re racist.

Pentagon Launches False Political Attack on Tucker Carlson and Fox News

Carlson’s broader argument is a philosophical one: a military that is focused on gender inclusion may not be as focused on winning wars.

Politicization of Military ‘Must Stop Now’

Ilhan Omar Reintroduces Legislation to Cancel Rent, Mortgage Payments During Pandemic