UK: Cartoon Rage, Grooming Gangs & “Respect for Islam”

Manchester Police Find 809 Rape Gang Predators, Launch New Grooming Unit

The new Grooming Unit will be just as corrupt & inept as the old one. Because no one will be allowed to criticise Islam as the cause of the “grooming”. Because no one is allowed to connect the dots of the ideology & Muhammad, profit of Islam, who was a rapist, a slave trader & a mass-murderer.

Manchester Police Find 809 Rape Gang Predators with New Unit

A new child sexual exploitation unit in Manchester, England, has been launched after years of failure on so-called “grooming” rape gangs.

The Greater Machester Police (GMP) Force Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Unit, according to an official statement released on March 18th to mark National CSE Awareness Day, will be comprised of of 54 police officers and staff with “dedicated specialist skills and resources [for] investigating large scale and complex CSE investigations.”

Cartoon Rage!

‘PM must insist on respect for Islam’ in Batley school cartoon row
‘PM must insist on respect for Islam’ in Batley school cartoon row
Muslim leaders in West Yorkshire are to warn Boris Johnson that Britain risks “becoming like France” if the government does not insist on respect for Islam.Adil Shahzad, imam of the Al-Hikam Institute in Bradford, said that a letter would be sent to the prime minister and to local MPs to show the strength of feeling after a teacher shared a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Many Muslim parents want the teacher, at nearby Batley Grammar School, sacked.
But of course BoJo will “respect Islam” & sack the teacher! Of course he will.
What’s the world coming to! Do you want millions of Koranimals go apeshit instead? There you go. Sack the teacher, to hell with freedom of expression, to hell with western civilisation!