Virus Lockdowns Forever!

Obamunism Part II

Biden In ‘Regular’ Contact With Obama To ‘Consult And Talk About A Range Of Issues’: WH Official

NYT Column Calls on Gov’t to ‘Stop Vilifying China’s Confucius Institutes’

The NYT is in the bag for the ChiComs. It should be declared a hostile foreign propaganda outfit.

Spielberg Donates $1M to Climate, Social Justice Groups

Boycott Hollywood communism! They’re all down with the Great Reset, the NWO and the “Build Back Better” scam.

British Parliament to Extend ‘Draconian’ Virus Powers by Six Months

Since the FBI cares more about investigating Patriots that took selfies at the Capitol than they do legitimate Islamic terrorists when they come up on their radar….how about we just defund the FBI instead?