Antifa is not “just an idea”. It’s a communist insurgency.

“No more history”

Last night Antifa smashed up the Portland Historical Society and spray-painted ‘No More History’ on the broken glass. They want to start from Year 0… where has this been seen before?

Someone Needs to Send This to Dirtbag FBI Director Chris Wray — Undercover Video of Antifa Activists Organizing Before Their Mass Riots

Hundreds of Anti-Police Protesters March in D.C.

‘Climate Change’ Priority of Interior Dept.

‘Climate Change Disproportionally Affects Girls and Women’

The stupid in this climate racket is really annoying. But the money keeps coming. The grifters are literally swimming in it.

Antifa Rioters Burn Portland Apple Store, Fire Guns from Cars

‘Jail Killer Cops’ Protester Decries U.S. for White Supremacy, Capitalism, Patriarchy

Red Francis Tells His Flock: “Sharing Ownership is Not Communism, but it is Pure Christianity”

Communism is no longer communism, it’s turned into Christianity. How?

 Italian Lawmaker Calls for Arrest of Creepy Bill Gates and Charges of “Crimes Against Humanity”

WATCH: Project Veritas Confronts CNN’s Brian Stelter About Their Explosive #ExposeCNN Tapes

Power Hungry Democrats Introduce Resolution to Get Rid of Electoral College