Fraudci and coconspirators have said even with “vaccines”, there is NO going back to normal. They aren’t even hiding the agenda anymore, what more do people need to wake up?

Has anyone best tested and diagnosed with the flu this year? Has anyone gotten their flu shots?

Fraudci Can’t Explain Downward Trend in Texas with Relaxed Masking, Social Distancing…

Warns Against Full Texas Rangers Stadium

Morgan Freeman Says Get the Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘I’m Not a Doctor, But I Trust Science’

Saudi Arabia Bans People Not ‘Immunized’ Against Coronavirus from Mecca

One thought on “Fraudcism”

  1. The COV was made for the vaccine and once the controllers saw the soft weak sheep herd bleating keep me safe then it was over.
    Stick a fork in humanity as it goes quietly to the slaughter pen.
    Be prepared for outcast law of the jungle time and that is not some boast or hoo rah statement as no one wanted this but what you want and what you get are always two different things.

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