Sucker Punch & ‘Knock Out Game’ Terror in NYC

Memo for Today:

Just because media tards call someone an “expert” doesn’t mean they aren’t paid to lie to you.

‘We are now a lawless city’: New Yorkers left on edge as random ‘sucker-punch’ assaults known as the ‘knock out game’ increase

  • Random attacks on New Yorkers appear to be on the increase
  • Assaults on strangers are happening even in areas that were previously ‘safe’ 
  • Attacks have occurred on the street and in the subway including during the day
  • Beatings against Asians have also rocketed as the pandemic has continued 
  • Crime appears to be increasing in New York City as more and more people exit various stages of lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic 
  • Suspect arrested in vicious, unprovoked assault on Asian man in Manhattan
  • NYPD detective whacked in head with stick in brazen broad-daylight attack

A series of attacks on random strangers is putting New Yorkers on edge. 

Although assaults were commonplace in the 1980s, a crackdown on the crooks saw crime levels drop making neighborhoods that were previously known as no-go areas, safe to walk around, even at night.

But now, there are fears the city is returning to the bad old days.


Fake news led to a fake impeachment and when the fake impeachment failed they needed a fake pandemic to rig a fake election in order to install a fake President. Trump won.