Black Bike Week

Negroes in the U.S. have come a long way. Some of them are now calling for segregation. Others want to annihilate whitey. Something’s gone wrong and no one dares to point a finger at it.

~ A City Under Siege ~

Imagine for a minute living in the middle of a war zone, being afraid to leave your house for fear of getting raped, robbed, or even murdered. Having police officers garbed in full riot gear or military attire stationed on every street corner, but still unable to keep the peace. Spending sleepless nights due to the echoes of what sounds like gun bike week header

This year’s (2014) event transformed the streets of Myrtle Beach into a crime spree; in a 24 hour period of time, 6 different shooting incidences took place resulting in 3 people dead and 5 people recovering from gunshot wounds.

Moms Blast BLM Activists for Profiting Off Sons’ Deaths: ‘They Won’t Even Talk to Us’

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  1. I’m going to get sick to my stomach. The country I love and cherish, this beautiful Constitutional Republic called AMERICA. Commiejoe and heelsupharris are destroying the USA and the Judean/Christian principles it was built upon. The hand count on several states must and will continue. Trump is our legitimate president.

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