Does Get Up! want a Palestinian-style war on our streets?

GetUp! is financed by George Soros. Everywhere around the world Spooky Dude  destabilises nation states with “community organisers” who disorganise communities. The malignant Nazi lackey Soros uses his ill gotten wealth & armies of useful idiots to destroy civilised societies, culture & history. The damage is immeasurable.
Andrew Bolt Herald Sun May 27, 2021
Is GetUp! now trying to stir up a Palestinian-style war on our streets? How reckless can these middle-class radicals get? The far-Left activist group, which last year raised $12 million, has posted a video by Muslim board member Sara Saleh that plays with fire. Saleh’s anti-Israel animus in the video is bad enough, accusing Israeli Jews of being “invested” in killing Palestinians.
Thousands gathered at a Palestine rally in Melbourne on May 15. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Sarah Matray
That’s incendiary, given the wave of attacks on Jews around the world, with Muslim protesters in San Francisco and New York bashing Jews in the street, and in London crying: “We’ll find some Jews … we want their blood” and “rape their daughters”.
Here, too, Jews are under attack.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students had its Facebook site bombarded with anti-Semitic comments, including one message that had a picture of Hitler and asking: “Is it okay for my friend to come along?”
Another student added: “It’s such a shame he didn’t finish his job.”
But what made this GetUp! video even more dangerous was Saleh claiming Aborigines faced the very same fight here that Palestinians were just fighting in Israel.
Note that Saleh was commenting in response to a war in Israel started by an Islamist terrorist group, Hamas, which fired more than 4000 rockets at Jewish civilian targets as part of its openly stated goal of destroying Israel completely – a Jewish homeland for thousands of years.
But to Saleh, this war was simply about Jews having stolen Palestinian land. What’s more, “they have also been invested in killing us, in restricting our freedoms, all of that should sound familiar to anyone living in Australia”.
Pardon? Australians are “invested” in killing Aborigines?
In “restricting their freedoms”? This is “familiar” to us all?
What a poisonous invention.
But Saleh went further.
She said Australia “has its own colonial history” and we are living on “stolen land”, and that meant Aborigines and far-Left activists here had a common fight: “It is important to understand that our struggles for freedom from here to Palestine are inherently linked.
“We are all in this same shared anti-colonial struggle.”
Activists identifying as Aboriginal should identify with Palestinians, who just waged another missile war?
They, too, should want control over the “colonialists”?
Exactly how many people does GetUp! think will get hurt if its vision of this “struggle” ever does play out in our suburbs?