Election Fraud: Democrats have better control over how votes are counted than Stalin

Does #Trump still believe the system works?

The Deep State Rules

To all appearances everything in the political world is business as usual. As if nothing out of the ordinary happened in the wee hours of November 4, 2020. As if millions of votes weren’t created out of thin air — call it “fiat voting” — by the party that runs the permanent government and operates in symbiosis with the media and Big Tech. As if the same scoundrels aren’t in control of how the votes will be counted next time. As if they aren’t plotting even greater control (see H.R. 1, the “For the People Act”).

The Swing States Were DEFINITELY Swung on Nov 3-4th 2020

Who Gave The ORDER To Stop The Counting?

The truth about the November 2020 Election

Some of you wouldn’t know a tyrannical gov if it locked you in your home, prevented you from earning a living, controlled the masses through fear, made unconstitutional laws, censored dissent, and turned people against each other.