Fraudci in the dock

Biden had every chance to get answers. But it doesn’t suit the narrative & the plan:

The dam has finally broken on the evidence that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Suspicious facts have been apparent from the start.

The virus is manmade, it came from a lab, not from animals in a wet market. Fraudci cannot investigate himself, so he must be excluded from any investigation into the virus’ origins.

Beijing ignores Biden regimes request for talks

Beijing has “rebuffed” three requests from the Pentagon for talks between China’s top military officer, General Xu Qiliang, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Xu is the vice-chair of the Central Military commission and a politburo member.

No Respect for woke clowns

Stand-off comes amid rising tension over China’s military aggression towards Taiwan

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  1. Re: parents getting pharmacists to give their kids injections of unknown substances: Uninformed and/or coerced consent isn’t really (or legally!) consent at all.

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