Talk about Grooming gangs is only being used to shut down important discussions about ‘islamophobia’

Adding insult to injury:

Britain is a failed nation, The establishment looks away & the police are complicit. While gangs of Mohammedans are mass-raping the children of native Brits, the public is being subjected to gaslighting campaigns of “Islamophobia”, which is not only an absurdity but an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Child Rape Gang Victim: U.K. Police Did Nothing as I Was Abused by ‘Hundreds’ of Paki Muslims

A grooming gang survivor has revealed that she was abused by hundreds of Pakistani heritage men for years, but despite reporting her abusers to the police, none have ever been arrested.

Sarah — a fake name given to protect her identity — said that she was systematically raped and abused as a child in the early 2000s after running away from care homes in Derby.

UK: Art show highlights ‘racism’ against Muslims due to ‘Islamophobia’

Robert Spencer:

1. Islam is not a race, and Muslims are not all of one race. There are Muslims, as well as jihadis, of all races.

2. Opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women and others is not “racism” or “xenophobia.”

3. Printing slogans on signs in pseudo-Arabic and pseudo-Urdu is not art.

4. Faisal Hussain is not oppressed or marginalized. He is a privileged member of Britain’s new elite. He has an art show featured at a gallery. Would the same gallery feature an exhibition of slogans about opposing jihad terrorism and the oppression of women justified by Sharia? Not on your life.

“Art show takes on global Islamophobia,” by Lauren Codling, Eastern Eye, April 28, 2021:

Talk about Grooming gangs is only being used to shut down important discussions about ‘islamophobia’

Once you allow Mohammedans  to mass-rape your children, be prepared for the insults from their scribbling women folk:

The majority of sexual offenders are white men – there is no ‘Muslim problem’ with sexual grooming

This vomit-inducing  crap is being served up by a Faima Bakar, who digs it out of her a$$, obviously:

it seems this constant commenting about ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ is specifically being used to shut down important discussions about islamophobia.

One thought on “Talk about Grooming gangs is only being used to shut down important discussions about ‘islamophobia’”

  1. In my world ALL of these scum would be long dead as that is the only deterrent that works as well as the most apt punishment for raping minors.
    When the Law fails totally as it has here, then it it is time for the people to punish the perpetrators. But with the incumbent hypocrisy of the Leftist poisoned Law, who do not like to see their incompetence and treachery made obvious, you can be certain that they will pull out all stops to catch anyone who dares to achieve true justice here.
    The Law’s supposed first aim is to protect its people. it is NO LONGER doing so but will attack anyone who dares say so.
    Justice has never been the real aim of the Law, instead it is about order and the maintenance of the hierarchy with all else being an accidental by-product.
    Where are Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood when you direly need them? Strange that both were in such movies over 40 years ago but are more relevant now than ever.

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