The Coming Race War

Do nothing if you rather watch the world burn than risk being accused by idiots of being “racist.”

“BLM Global” Group Calls for the Rape and Murder of White People: “It Ain’t Murder When It’s For Equality”

Other messages shared by the group include an image of a black man executing bound white people along with the caption, “Yes all whites.”

A social media group called “Black Lives Matter Global” is calling for the rape and murder of white people.

The Telegram “BLMglobal” channel, created in June last year, is urging their followers to “Hang the white man” and “Expel the white devil,” explaining “We don’t want reparations, we want revenge.”

Other messages shared by the group include an image of a black man executing bound white people along with the caption, “Yes all whites.”

It ain’t murder when it’s for equality,” another reads. Along with, “White people have no future,” “All whites are Nazis,” and “It isn’t rape when the victim is privileged.”

While it’s unclear if the group is a troll account (because is anything too outrageous today?), BLMglobal’s content has been viewed by thousands of users and has thus far attracted over 700 subscribers.

Spain: Alleged Jihadists Charged over Online Threats to French Citizens

Spain: Jihadists Charged over Online Threats to French Citizens

2 thoughts on “The Coming Race War”

  1. This is the RELIGION OF “WOKE:”

    “Everyone must be “WOKE” up to the ‘obvious fact’ that everything that ever goes wrong is always the fault of Straight White Males – Every Single Time! Because obviously, they are in general larger, stronger, faster and smarter (more competitively evolved to succeed) than non-straight gays, non-White People Of Color, and non-male WXMXN, so every time the latter fails at anything it can’t be simply because they are generally smaller, weaker, slower and dumber than the former, but because the latter must have been somehow so fearful of their inferiors that they decided to take time out from their busy days of literally minding their own businesses to dream up ever-new creative ways to “oppress” (confuse) them with, such as “logic,” “facts,” “science,” and “truth!” due to their natural “homophobic,” “racist,” “sexism,” respectively! So combating this obviously inherent, “systemically engineered” social injustice with “woke” progressivism, is the duty of all shallow-thinking pre-judiced and biased anti-White bigots! Whee!”
    Or something like that.

    But of course it’s all “projection,” because “Those that can’t do,
    teach (others how to help them slander extort and enslave those who CAN do”)! It’s Takers vs Makers!

    And, while no amount of tax money thrown, or government force imposed, will ever be able to make the races or sexes “equal,” the very act of pretending to have to try to do so will lucratively enrich countless generations of politicians and their backers (and maybe even some of their followers!) forever, because their motto always was, still is, and always will be: “There’s No Money In Solutions, so: Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”


    Bottom line: “Wokeness” requires you wallow in your victimhood.

    If you refuse to label yourself a victim, you are their enemy.


    Whites, being superior and knowing it (guilty White liberals included) can’t play the victim; at most, they can only pretend to champion the non-Whites’ extortion attempts in order to personally treasonously gain power over their fellow Whites.

    Unfortunately for the non-traitor, “illiberal” rest of us, to even defend our selves against these extortionists, makes us seem like nasty bullies picking on our mentally-crippled inferiors.

    The enemy relies on the same old paranoid masochist claims routinely used by criminal hypocrites all the time:

    “Since only you COULD have oppressed us, (by dint of your implied but never dared-to-be-spoken-aloud obvious mental superiority over us) and we say we feel oppressed, therefore you did oppress us and so you also now owe us reparations for having oppressed us – CAPISCE?”

    Well, the only valid, brutally truthful response MUST now be:

    “NO. You’re failures because, relatively, you suck! You’re smaller weaker slower and less savvy than we are, which is the only reason we so-often succeed while you usually fail!”

    So, while telling that simple truth would indeed only serve to further enrage our inferiors, while making us look very un-sympathetically like arrogant bullies who deserve to get further extorted anyways, there still has to be a limit, before these piecemeal niggling extortion attempts become full-blown and organized, global slavery directed against us all!

  2. This is absolutely frightening. Dr. M. King would be horrified on what is happening to our society. No longer does “content of character” apply, only color of skin.

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