Tyranny in Canuckistan: Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested

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Courageous Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested

As they consolidate power, leftists will punish dissidents more forcefully. Artur Pawlowski, a Calgary pastor who immigrated from formerly totalitarian Poland, lifted our spirits when he threw the Covid police out of his church, sending them off with their tails between their legs. Surprisingly, you can still watch it on YouTube:

Pawlowski has the courage and the moral standing to rally wider resistance. This would be unacceptable to the authorities, so they obtained a secret warrant allowing them to use “any force necessary” to disrupt his church services.

Now he and his brother Dawid have been arrested:

Both have been charged with organizing an illegal in-person gathering, in addition to “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to join them, said the Calgary Police Service in a statement.

In other words, they were arrested for holding a church service. Similar incidents must have occurred in Poland under communist rule in Pawlowski’s youth.

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