Ban vaccine passports in Australia!

Ted Cruz Blasts CDC, Fauci on Politicizing Mask Mandates

Masters and Slaves: Covid Tyranny Continues

Fifteen months after “3 weeks to flatten the curve,” Britain remains in police state lockdown, despite the availability of Covid vaccine even for people too young to need it, and despite the increasingly obvious futility of imposing lockdowns to contain the disease. Authoritarians don’t ever want to let this nightmare go:

Just as Black Lives Matter/Antifa types will seize on the slightest pretext to riot and loot, statists need only the thinnest excuse to impose outrageous restrictions, since so many people are willing to put up with them.

Imagine how many years decades lockdown will last next time something as bad as the Spanish flu comes around.


4% in favour

96% against

4,800 votes

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