“Being a woke little commie tard doesn’t make me a commie”

Like… “a Moslem cannot be a terrorist”.

And Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

Coward Gen. Milley Is Lying About What He’s Allowing To Happen In The Military – Steve Bannon 👍 6/23

Our military leadership denied teaching Critical Race Theory… …right before admitting to teaching Critical Race Theory… …and then defending Critical Race Theory. Now, we must legislatively prohibit CRT to protect our service members from this hate.

BLM Advocate Refers to Trump Supporters as ‘Maggots,’ Reveals What CRT is *Really* All About – Kyle Becker – 

Top U.S. Military Officer’s Defense of Critical Race Theory to Understand ‘White Rage’ Stokes Controversy

The top U.S. military officer in the United States and President Joe Biden’s military adviser, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley is stoking controversy on the right and left after he defended studying critical race theory as a way to understand “white rage” during a House hearing on Wednesday.

Milley, asked to respond to Republican lawmakers’ criticism of critical race theory being taught in the military, caused shock waves throughout the political world that were still reverberating the next day, when he defended it and tied “white rage” to the January 6 Capitol riot.

“Milley Got the Job Because He Knows How to Suck Up… He’s Not Just a Pig, He’s Stupid” – Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Gen. Mark Milley (VIDEO)