Everybody loves a sucker: G7 ready to take Biden for a ride

Found a sucker:

Joe Biden Goes Global with $40 Trillion ‘Build Back Better for the World’ Infrastructure Plan


All of our world leaders, or I guess seven of them, are in England to discuss whatever new global elite goals they have for the rest of us. These super-serious protesters — who are super serious about a super serious issue — are hoping six of those world leaders gang up on the Prime Minister of Japan over coal.

“Our message to Japan is that if it continues to burn coal, it will be an international pariah, it will make the future more dangerous for its citizens, it’s going to make a future more dangerous for the world. Japan has a massive opportunity at the G7 to step up, stop burning coal and lead the world to a better future.”

Meanwhile, in New York:

Pali Protesters Chant ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ Torch Israeli Flag in NYC Demonstration