Iowa school: ‘Make America Great Again’ =“racism” & “white supremacy”

You can’t make this up:

LEAKED DOCUMENTS from Iowa School System show Teachers are FORCED to classify ‘Make America Great Again” as a type of “racism” & “white supremacy.” This is done through MANDATORY Critical Race Theory training FORCED on teachers at taxpayer expense.

The presentation itself defines ‘Critical Race Theory’ as a tool for the destruction of America: “Unlike traditional civil rights which embraces step by step progress, Critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order & principles of constitutional law”

What an a$$hole!

Navy Chief of Operations Dodges Tom Cotton Question on If Capitalism Is Racist

Woke Military

Navy Chief of Operations Won’t Answer If He Agrees Capitalism Is Racist

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In other news:

Police: Climate Protesters Arrested Outside Ted Cruz’s Home

Police: Climate Protesters Arrested Outside Ted Cruz’s Home

These are not “climate protestors”- they are a Soros rent-a-crowd. In other words, they are highly organised climate communists. In fact you can exchange the “climate” for any other leftist cause, but you will still find the same “protestors”.

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