“Islamophobia”, nothing else matters

UK celebrates Refugee Week, boasts of taking in more as migrant surge crisis rages

Consider the headlines below and a pattern of contradictions becomes obvious: the UK government pretends to care about the massive numbers of illegal Muslim migrants illegally entering the country, because the public is growing impatient. The Boris Johnson government would prefer to hide the problem, in hopes that it will go away. It has no intention of actually doing anything, despite its hollow promises to the public.

Canada: Non-Muslim women don hijabs to ‘combat Islamophobia’

Canuckistan seems to have a problem with dumb females.

Canada: MP takes stand against ‘Islamophobia’ and hatred of ‘LGBTQ2+ individuals, families and allies’


Karina Gould is the MP for Burlington. What will she do when he stand with “the LGBTQ2+ community in Burlington” collides with her stand against “Islamophobia”?

But there seems to be an equal number of stupid men:

Canada: University to host webinar on how to ‘dismantle’ ‘systemic Islamophobia’ with critical race theory

Woman converts to Islam, plots jihad bombings in New York City because of ‘Islamophobia’

Say you like Islam or we kill you….

Hardline judge Ebrahim Raisi was heading for a landslide win in