Homogenous nations survive. Diverse nations perish

There is no such thing as a black middle class

The black middle class.

Peter Grant got rather upset this week with the suggestion at American Renaissance that the Afrikaners were a heroic people while omitting any suggestion that they might have been “moral monsters”.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to stand idly by and watch the “whitewashing” (you should pardon the expression) of the Afrikaner “tribe” as poor, misunderstood heroes who don’t deserve what’s happened to them.  They sowed the wind by deliberately depriving more than 80% of the country, Black, Indian or “colored’ (mixed-race), of almost every opportunity to live as they did.  Now they’re suffering under the inevitable reaction to what they did.

You can tell he is somewhat peeved due to his emphatic use of the underline tool. But this idea that the Afrikaners sowed the wind by being mean and nasty to the colored folk is completely incorrect. Rather, their biggest mistake was letting them into the country in the first place.

The Afrikaners settled what is now known as South Africa. They didn’t have to drive out any native population because there was none. But their success was attractive to the African tribes. Another article at American Renaissance which was written as a warning to Anglo nations, gives an indication as to the source of their fate.

Whites arrived in South Africa in 1652, not long after the Mayflower arrival in America. They had as much right to be there as any other new-world settlers. They built a wonderful country against daunting odds. The British were their first real antagonists. During the Anglo-Boer War, Britain built the world’s first concentration camps; more than 26,000 Afrikaans women and children died.

We survived, despite Britain’s greed for our gold, diamonds, and minerals. For 350 years, we toiled to sow the seeds of Western Civilization. Millions of Africans moved to South Africa from other parts of the continent seeking work and security from wars and conflict.

Homogenous nations survive. Diverse nations perish. In layman’s terms this is also referred to as, pick your own damn cotton. The apartheid system to which Grant is so morally outraged was a last ditch attempt to correct the fatal mistake of letting in so many unassimilable outsiders in the first place. It was doomed to failure, not because of its barbarity, but rather because it didn’t go far enough. The Afrikaners sought a balance between controlling the uncontrollable while still benefiting from the vast labor source that the immigrants provided. Their greed was their downfall. Rather than seeking to retain the source of cheap labor, their only possible chance of survival was to expel them.

Australia is an example of a country that, initially at least, made a wise decision in this regard. In the mid-nineteenth century, sugar cane farmers in the northern region of Queensland had begun the process of importing South Pacific Islanders for what was essentially slave labor to harvest their produce. The government stopped the practice, expelled the imported slave labor, and instituted what became known as the White Australia Policy. We picked our own damn sugar. That is, until we were betrayed by mass immigration after the Second World War.

But it was another line from Grant’s article that really piqued my interest.

If Afrikaners had been willing to create a genuine black middle class, and open the economy to allow everyone to aspire to their fair share of it, earning their way to prosperity by the sweat of their brows, South Africa would be a very different country today.

This sort of nonsense seems to be so prevalent in the Boomer generation, no matter on what side of the political and religious spectrum they lie. This quote is buried up to the neck in the magic dirt theory that if only we treat everyone in a nice way then all of these incompatible blow-ins will magically adopt Western Civilization; after all, it’s just a value system.

This is completely false because everything is downstream from biology and culture, in that order.

The idea of a genuine black middle class is a complete fantasy. There is no native black country on the planet that has a natural middle class. That is because black culture is tribal, and tribal cultures have a few people on the top and everyone else on the bottom. The middle class is a feature of white culture. It cannot be grafted at will onto other races, which goes likewise for all of the other features of Western Civilization. Black middle classes that exist in white countries are parasitical and thus temporal in nature. If the whites disappear then so too will the middle class. One only has to look at countries where this has occurred to see it in action, with Rhodesia being the classic and deliberately forgotten example.

There is a saying that science advances one funeral at a time. This is in reference to the old guard having to die off so that new ideas can be brought forward. So too with sociology, but in its case it seems that the entire generation, not just the sociologists themselves, will have to kick the bucket before things can be amended. Only when the Boomers are gone will we be able to begin the process of taking back our nations. It was too late for Rhodesia, Namibia and South Africa. The timing will most probably be terminal for a number of other white nations as well.