Police Terror in Sydney: people have to “relearn” what public health orders require from them

Covid turns every uniformed dipstick into a rightwing dictator:

NSW Police Minister David Elliott says the community has to “relearn” what the public health orders require from them

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.”
— Plato

New Scientific Study Concludes COVID Originated In November 2019, BEFORE Wet Market Cases And EXACT Same Day Lab Workers Got Sick

Research concludes most likely date of emergence was Nov 17 2019, the EXACT same day intelligence reports cited for Wuhan lab workers becoming sick

Why would scientists ask international databases to delete key data that informs us about how Covid-19 began in Wuhan? That’s the question you can answer for yourselves.

The team of Australian scientists who conducted the research said that while it doesn’t prove the lab leak hypothesis, it proves that the theory cannot be ruled out.

The COVID Delta variant is infecting some fully vaccinated adults in Israel.

Israeli health officials are returning to mask mandates at indoor facilities following a small spate of positive COVID Delta variant cases in adults who had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. That is, these adults had received two doses of the vaccine, and it had been two weeks since their second dose, the generally accepted timeline for full vaccination.

God save us from moronic governments with no clue. So Morrison says that even though Covid vaccines prevent serious illness or death, he will not reopen borders even if almost all vaccinated because we could have 5000 infections a day (number clearly pulled out of his butt). So, this twit should, for consistency, have closed our international borders at all times due to the risk of many people getting the common cold! After all, if vaccinated people do not get serious illness or die during to Covid, in effect a common cold is all it is!!! I am furious, and it really is time to let the government/s know that we will not accept their riding roughshod over our rights.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns reopening Australia’s borders could lead to ‘5000 cases a day’

The Prime Minister has issued a stern reality check to Australians hoping high vaccination rates will mean reopened borders.

And he warned the example of Britain, where high vaccination rates have not stopped hospitalisations from new variants was a real concern.

Scott Morrison has issued a grim warning that high rates of vaccination in Australia may not stop the virus if our international borders reopen, confirming that authorities are carefully monitoring the situation in the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister said today that it was a simple fact that vaccination prevented serious illness and hospitalisations but he cautioned that it did not eradicate Covid.

That suggests many restrictions including social distancing, hotel quarantine and in some cases even mask wearing may need to continue even after Australia is vaccinated.