Censorship, State Terror Against Free Speech


The 4 players on @NCStateBaseball team that tested positive for covid were vaccinated. And not one player unvaccinated tested positive. Wow…that’s a mystery.

Donald Trump joins YouTube alternative Rumble

Don’t forget to tune in to @rumblevideo tonight to watch your favorite president live from Ohio. Trump rally streaming live on Rumble here.

Former President Donald Trump has created an official and verified Rumble account on the video-sharing platform, the pro-free speech alternative to YouTube.

Emails Show Biden Campaign Demanding Facebook Censor Posts on Election Integrity

But Left Demands Even More Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg at Georgetown

A number of emails seen by CNN — which uses them to make the case that the platform isn’t censoring enough — show that the Biden campaign repeatedly pressured Facebook to censor posts from the Trump campaign and its supporters about election integrity.

Tucker Carlson Makes Moonbats Howl at the Moon

Tucker Carlson on live Fox TV called Gen Mark Milley the Chairman of the JCS “Stupid” and a “Pig”.

If Tucker Carlson deserves to be fired for criticizing General Milley, what should happen to the people who maliciously prosecuted General Flynn and destroyed his life?

The State Tells Twitter Who To Silence

Dr.SHIVA Reveals To Steve Bannon – How The State Tells Twitter Who To Silence

The government & Twitter have a trusted partnership to censor free speech.

Jayda Fransen makes some very valid points about censorship in the UK, which is extremely selective & hypocritical.

Fransen made global headlines when violent videos she posted on Twitter were retweeted by US President Donald Trump — “drawing widespread criticism and a rare public rebuke from PM Theresa May.”

This is a white wannabe nigga with mental problems.