Sleepy Joe doesn’t know

Boris hits out at Biden: Tells president keep nose out of Brexit ‘with greatest respect’

BORIS JOHNSON has told Joe Biden “with the greatest respect” to leave Brexit rows for the UK and EU to fix.

Biden: A Lot of People May Not Know What Covid Is

Just how out of it is the mentally decomposing corruptocrat the lunatic left settled on as a figurehead? Not as out of it as he thinks others are. Biden at the G7 circle jerk:

“I know you all know, but a lot of people may not know what Covid is.”

Trust us, Mr President: if you know what it is, even mushrooms growing in the forest must know.


“Dr” Jill can lead a disoriented zombie to a podium, but she can’t make him talk sense.

Meanwhile, back in the United States of America:

Deep State DOJ Won’t Touch Obvious 2020 Election Fraud But Instead Appear to be Creating a Narrative to Shut Down the Election Audits