Stolen Election Updates: #Trump Returns

Donald Trump told Newsmax he’s resumed his rallies because Americans “want hope for this country again”

For the enemedia, it’s not happening. You won’t see it in the “news”.

One thought on “Stolen Election Updates: #Trump Returns”

  1. The deep state and democrat infidel’s, are getting desperate and are out in force today, the RINO brigade, once again reinforcing their traitor status, not only to the GOP but the American people and the country.
    I can understand why, deep state, RINO`s, democrats, big tech and MSM are at the moment working overtime with diversions like UFO`s, as the Arizona audit is about to show the massive fraud that took place and can and will be proven in court. Many of these deep state democrats and RINO`s are really starting to worry about the length of their necks and it really is beginning to show.

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