The corrupt FBI is the Gestapo of the Democrat Party

A coup against a coup?

Breaking news:

CNN IS Saying Trump is staging a coup with all the Audits going on right now

The FBI used taxpayer dollars to stage an attack on the Capitol Building and then blamed it on Republicans, #MAGA Trumpers & QAnon whatevers….

Who’s got the FBI fingerprints on the Christmas Day Nashville bombing & the Las Vegas massacre?

We already caught them committing treason. The audits are a formality

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Everything that happened on Jan. 6th at the Capitol MUST be uncovered.

But, who will investigate the investigators?

It’s the Federal Bureau of Insurrections.

Biden just repeated the Big Lie that January 6 rioters “killed a police officer”. Officer Sicknick died of a stroke the next day. He was not “killed” and it’s disgusting to keep using him as a pawn