Afghanistan, where nothing ever changes

Taliban commence summary executions for our Afghan partners. Lest We Forget.

GOP Report Confirms Navy Brass Focused More on Wokeness than Warfighting

Yep. That’s because winning is so old fashioned & so regressive. The modern military is a bunch of soy boys who go to f*kc each other in the field. You know 

Sailors unprepared to face 21st-century conflict with China

396510 01: Aviation Ordnancemen Load An Aim-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-To-Air Missile On The Wing Of An F/A-18 "Hornet" Strike Fighter October 24, 2001 Aboard The Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The Roosevelt Is Conducting Missions In Support Of Operation Enduring Freedom. (Photo By U.S. Navy/Getty Images)

The Navy’s brass is more focused on wokeness than on winning wars, according to a damning report commissioned by GOP lawmakers.