Antifa scum, AOC & Critical Race Theory

Why would the govt want to disarm you after 243 yrs? Because they intend to do something to this country and they don’t want gun-owners in their way.

It looks like AOC is leading a radical left-wing insurrection!

AOC & Climate Fanatics Surround White House, Demand RADICAL Climate Change Infrastructure Plan

A radical group of environmentalists surrounded the White House and blocked all exits under the leadership of far-left politicians AOC and Jamaal Bowman.

Antifa scum attacking people for saying that it’s not okay to show your genitals to children:

One thought on “Antifa scum, AOC & Critical Race Theory”

  1. Marxism is on full display for all to see. If nothing is done to eliminate this evil, our judean/christian nation will be forever lost.

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