Assassinating critics of Islam is no longer a thing for our disgraceful media…

The critic of Islam is now the ‘villain’ in ‘much of the English-speaking world’: Bolt

Don’t mention the I-word. Or else…

In Britain and “much of the English-speaking world” it is now the critic of Islam who is the “villain,” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt. Hatun Tash, a 39 year-old convert from Islam to Christianity, was “violently stabbed in the head and the arm as she preached at Speakers’ Corner in London – a place symbolic of free speech,” according to Mr Bolt. He said he was “amazed” to see Australian and British newspapers providing “almost no” reporting on the matter. “People who physically attacked people who criticised Islam were once seen as the problem … but in Britain, in much of the English-speaking world, it is now the critic of Islam who is the villain,” Mr Bolt said. He discussed the issue with with Mark Durie, who is a Senior Research Fellow at the Arthur Jeffery Centre for the Study of Islam at the Melbourne School of Theology.

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