Sydney Lockdown: Police Terror v the People

The most vocal advocates of lockdowns are, you guessed it, hardcore communists, who seek the collapse of the capitalist system.

Nick Cater The Australian July 26, 2021
“The zero Covid project has collapsed, so why are we still indulging the elimination extremists?” wrote Camilla Tominey in The Telegraph on Saturday. “It might have been a sound policy at the start of the pandemic – but not at the end of it.”
Curiously, those most wedded to lockdowns are the most vocal advocates of social and economic equality. Oscar Grenfell, for example, writes in the Socialist World Wide Website that ending the NSW lockdown would be “a profit-dominated response” favouring the corporate elite at the expense of the working class.
As a member of the Socialist Equality Party, dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism, Grenfell’s attachment to lockdowns is perhaps understandable. Others, however, have less excuse for ignoring the unfairness of measures that require those least able to cope to pay the highest cost.
The workers who are most disadvantaged by lockdowns earn a living with their hands.

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