Big Tech Censorship

President Trump has Announced A Class Action Lawsuit AgainstBig Tech

Have You Been Censored By Big Tech?

We have. Twitter suspended our almost 300K account for “spam” when in reality it was for our pro-Trump cartoons. Facebook has removed our cartoons and put me (Tina)  in Facebook jail for 7 to 30 days on multiple occasions.

Just about everyone who supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 has been shadow banned, suspended or kicked off the far left social media platforms.  

And now President Trump is fighting back. He is the lead Plaintiff in the suit against the Big Tech platforms and their CEOs.

Trump called the tech giants the forces of “illegal, unconstitutional censorship.”

The Lawsuit is seeking Full Accountability, Punitive Damages and Full Restitution and Restoration

We have been calling out Big Tech censorship for years! Ben said years ago, if it can happen to Alex Jones, it can happen to all of us.