CNN, where they never run out of stupid…

The laptop from hell-when you look at that laptop-it was Russia. Ever notice it’s never China? Because they’re getting rich off China!” DJT

Six months into his train wreck of a Presidency, and not one Democrat with any sense of the obvious has come forward and said “there is something wrong with the President”.

Covid19 psychosis has nothing to do with health care. Everything to do with control, power, and profit.

The left is so fucking upset about the #TrumpRally:

There are people out there who worship every single word that comes out of Fauci’s face.

I did not give consent to be governed like this.

This is the most blatantly corrupt regime EVER! The left has infiltrated the NSA, DOJ, and FBI. People who believe they are bending the law for the greater good are dangerous people.