Macron’s Health Pass’ will deny the unvaccinated access to all cafes & restaurants…

Newsflash: there goes Peru:

Welcome to France 2021 where their ‘Health Pass’ is about to deny the unvaccinated access to all cafes and restaurants, shopping centres, some public transport, and public venues such as museums and libraries.
There is provision for negative infection test results to grant a health pass, but those tests must be repeated constantly and at a cost to the citizen (unlike in Australia where all testing is government-funded).
Despite large and ongoing protests, the majority in France seem to be rushing to comply, with almost 2 million people (most aged under 35) immediately booking a vaccination after the announcement.
**UPDATE** We are being advised that the Health Pass is temporary, and PCR/Antigen tests are currently free for everyone. We are yet to confirm these facts but the point is, it’s a fluid situation with some displaying their authoritarian tendencies.
This is an excerpt from Season 2 Episode 2 of The People’s Project:

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