March Against Martial Law in Sydney. They Can’t Arrest Us All

Protesters to be met with over 1000 police

Ellie Dudley The Australian July 30, 2021
NSW authorities have urged anyone planning to illegally protest against lockdown measures to stay home. The pleas come after more than 3500 protestors fronted the Sydney CBD last Saturday for a condemned anti-lockdown rally.
“Your actions will hurt, forget about the rest of us, but you could be taking the disease home and passing it on to your parents, your siblings, your brothers and sisters or anybody you might have limited contact with,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.
“Do not give those you love the most a death sentence.”
Police commissioner Mick Fuller said any protestors who arrived for a rally on the weekend would be met with over 1000 police officers.
“The strike force from last week has locked up over 60 individuals and issued over 200 infringements and that will continue so if you turn up, you can expect the same sense of force,” he said.

Labor wants fines increased for people who attend a second COVID lockdown protest in Sydney | 7NEWS 

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One thought on “March Against Martial Law in Sydney. They Can’t Arrest Us All”

  1. can not believe what i just heard in that clip above. . .
    “if you know family members organising protests, DOB THEM IN” (my emphasis)
    wow, China here we come…

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