The Amazing Bruce Pascoe

Darker than an Emu’s A$$hole

Now is the moment for you guys to take a knee, wave some of Ernie Dingo’s sacred smoke around and acknowledge that Bruce is more than amazing. He is bloody brilliant.

Dark Emu Schlock & Crock

Bruce Pascoe’s fantastical revision of Australia’s aboriginal history has been questioned for a few years now.
Andrew Bolt was tipped off about the Pascoe fibs by a number of diligent researchers, one of which is the website Dark Emu Exposed.
Lawyer and former Public Prosecutor, Josephine Cashman, has been belling the cat for a good year or two.
However, instead of looking at Pascoe’s fantasy with any skepticism, most journalists attacked the skeptics, and supported the lies.
Here are just a few of Pascoe fellow dreamers, now with Emu egg on their collective faces today, after the very Left Melbourne University Press (MUP) has published a book by a credible anthropologist and archaeologist, smashing Pascoe’s invented version of history.
The ABC’s Ellen Fanning
The ABC’s Benjamin Law
The ABC’s Wendy Harmer
Former ABC Insiders producer Kate Torney
The ABC’s Virginia Trioli
The ABC’s Patricia Karvelas
More details in this post below by Bolt…from 2019.
It’s a devastating portrayal of the fools who fell for the Pascoe fiction.


Senior ABC journalists have failed the Bruce Pascoe test. Journalists should demand the truth. But when faced with clear evidence that this “Aboriginal historian” made wild claims about an Aboriginal “agricultural industry” after misquoting sources, redrawing a map and inventing evidence, the following ABC staffers defended Pascoe and their tribe.