Vaxx Terror: we have ways to get you all jabbed!

CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day
Psaki Refuses to Give The Number of Vaccinated White House Staff Who Contracted COVID: “Why Do You Need That Information?”

When President Trump was in office, the media ran a daily narrative about the number of people within the orbit of the White House who contracted COVID-19.  Today the installed spokesperson for the regime, Jennifer Psaki, was asked about the number of vaccinated White House staff who test positive for the virus.  Psaki refused to answer the question saying: “Why do you need that information?”

Can you imagine the backlash if President Trump’s spokesperson gave that answer?

“Are You Trying to Hide Something?” – Reporter Challenges Psaki on Not Releasing Breakthrough Covid Cases Among White House Staffers (VIDEO)

1,250 Clergy Members Warn Vaccine Passports Would Create “Medical Apartheid” in UK

“One of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics.”

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Video: Alabama Governor Declares ‘It’s Time To Blame The Unvaccinated For COVID’ “Let’s be crystal clear about this issue. The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks.”
“No plans for vaccine passports”- until everyone is forced to have one: