Today, Afghans chose the 7th century over the 21st century.

Afghans chose their barbaric way of life, their barbaric customs, their warlords and tribal leaders over self-determination and democracy.

If you want a good laugh, watch America’s residual neocons now that their 20-year experiment has failed, collapsed, and died all in a single day.

Biden Official: Up to 22K Afghans to Be Fast-Tracked, Resettled Across U.S.

In Afghanistan, America spent trillions of dollars, lost thousands of precious lives, and toiled for 20 years to make the neocon fantasy of nation-building come true. World peace is easy! they told us. We need to liberate oppressed peoples, build schools and roads, and give them the right to vote. If we do that, peace will break out all over!  

For 20 years, these fools have been telling us the fruition of their fantasy was right around the corner. For 20 years, our country poured blood and treasure into their stupid experiment, and in one day — a single day — it all fell apart.

In one day, the Taliban took Afghanistan back.


Biden Claims ‘buck stops with me’ While Blaming Everyone Else for Afghanistan Disaster

Joe on Vacation ‘While Afghanistan Is on Fire’

Leftoids view this as a victory……..they hate America that much….

Pinkerton: The 1970s Are Calling Joe Biden Again: Is This Saigon 1975? Or Tehran 1979?

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