CNN Admits to Biden Regime’s Massive Failure


So funny. CNN woketard Clarissa Ward who called the Taliban “friendly” a few days ago seems to have had an epiphany: 

Biden’s handlers may be pushing their malevolent agenda too fast even for the moonbats at CNN, who appear to care a little bit about credibility after all. Biden says that the Afghanistan debacle is not a failure. But a CNN reporter in Afghanistan wants to know, “If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like?”


Hey, isn’t that the same Clarissa Ward who the other day chirped that Taliban goons seem friendly, even if they do chant, “Death to America”?

The USS Biden is taking on water faster than its media enablers can bail it out. Not even CNN wants to go down with the ship. This could be what saves America: the arrogant anti-American Marxists controlling Biden pushing their disastrous agenda so fast that people wake up to what is being done to their country, and even the liberals running the media back away.