Partners in crime: how woke politclowns & corporate activists destroy America

Sebastian_gorka Sebastian talks to Vivek Ramaswamy, the author of “Woke Inc.,” to discuss the rise of the “woke” ideology, how it has infected so many corporations and other entities in America, and how we can fight back against it.

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Bank of America Pushes Hardcore Leftist Indoctrination

CRT ideology is deranged, depraved, and destructive. Imposing it on employees is illegal according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. But don’t expect Bank of America to be prosecuted by the Justice Department of the Biden Administration, which has been aggressively engaged in the same crime. (Moonbattery)

Visas for Everybody

The State Department is infested with bumbling, irresponsible moonbats at the best of times. How bad is it under the staggering incompetence of Joe Biden and Antony Blinken? This gives an idea:

Every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan would be on their way to our welfare rolls, except that you can’t get to the airport unless the Taliban lets you through.

The next 9/11 launched from Afghanistan will be a cakewalk for the victorious Taliban and its al Qaeda and ISIS allies.