There will never be “normal” again

More Rights For The Vaccinated: Merkel’s Govt Pushes for Vaccine Passports in Germany

Merkel’s Govt Pushes for Vaccine Passports

Domestic vaccine passports in force in France. Stop this from becoming a reality in Australia at

The return of protective custody in Germany:

76 years after the liberation of the concentration camps, the protective custody will be reinstated. The federal government says that non-vaccinated people should be subjected to restrictive measures for their own protection.

The director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Professor Andrew Pollard, is now admitting that herd immunity through vaccination is “not a possibility” with COVID-19 in light of the Delta variant.

There will never be “normal” again.

After the Covid lockdown terror there will be “climate” lockdowns.
The political elites are all in this together.

Dr. Zelenko schools Israeli Rabbinic court.