California election fraud, AOC & the Taliban

Taliban Cries Poor: Urges U.S. to Show Some ‘Heart’ and Send Money

Can’t do jihad with the almighty dollar? Creepy Joe will come to the rescue.

The Taliban terrorists now governing the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan thanked the United Nations and its donors Tuesday after they promised hundreds of millions of dollars in aid before scolding America and telling it to join the donation frenzy and show some “heart.”

AFP reports the group turned on the U.S. after saying it will “try its best to deliver this aid to the needy people in a completely transparent manner.”

Biden in SoCal: “You Either Keep Newsom as Your Governor or You’ll Get Donald Trump – Not a Joke” (VIDEO)

Troll So Hard: AOC Wears ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress to $35,000/Ticket Met Gala

AOC is a chosen actress with a George Soros sponsorship. She will be annoying us for a long time to come.

People Magazine Refuses to Comment on Wuhan Lab Bombshell Report After Naming Fauci Among ‘2020 People of the Year’

Liars, Charlatans, Frauds, Villains, Con Artists, Cheats. Politicians.

There must be some incriminating shit on Hunters laptop the FBI doesn’t want us to know about…

Hunter Biden bragged that he ‘smoked crack’ with late DC Mayor Marion Barry, according to leaked laptop audio

Homo Promo for Breakfast?