Once you believe in the warming religion your brain is fried. You’re done.

If the United Nations say we must sacrifice our coal miners on the altar of their extreme green climate communist agenda then it’s time we ditch the whole thing, including any notion of a net zero emissions policy.

Who needs a job when “you will own nothing & you will be happy?” Once you believe in the warming religion your brain is fried. You’re cooked.

Australia has fewer than 10 years to shut its coalmining industry and find new jobs for workers under a UN timetable that will inflame tensions over Scott Morrison’s stand on net-zero emissions and the ambition of his 2030 climate goals.


UN gives deadline to shut down coalmining

Australia must dump any association with the thugs from the UN. These crooks must be put out of business.

3 thoughts on “Once you believe in the warming religion your brain is fried. You’re done.”

  1. Can a civilization go insane in mass? I used to say that’s ridiculous. Now not so much. Why are journalists so hysterical and gullible? Why are our universities teaching insane satanic propaganda like anti-white racism hatred.

    1. No, Jon – there is no “mass insanity” or “groupthink. There is simply a lot of all-too-common selfish individualistic hypocrisy writ large.

      “Groupthink” a false idol; in reality, it is simply mutually beneficial individual hypocrisy writ large.

      Collectivists agree to form into gangs to attack first and be attacked first by gangs of other people; they Submit to the idea of the group and/or gang might-made “right” to do so, asserting such force is “inevitable.”

      They do not believe in live and let live, seeing those who just want to be left alone as naive.

      “Collectivists” are, in one word: “Hypocrites.”

      Usually someone who realizes his “I’m always right, and everyone who denies it is wrong!” hypocrisy won’t work as advertised, so they have to pretend to be “expert equally helpless righteously heroic fellow victim authorities” to sell their demand for a right to everyone else’s perpetual pity and acclaim to others as “I’m always right, and if you agree with me, you can be, too!” Then everyone who disagrees with The Gang’s lies gets slandered as being their wrongfully villainous oppressors, entitled to no rights to defend them selves but only to the responsibility to become and remain their slaves for their “hateful” lack of pity and acclaim. That way, they all get to increase their extortion-ability while diluting their culpability.



      So all instances of “Us-Vs-Them!” are always really only ever: “Me-Vs-Everyone-and-Everything-Else!” (They’re only “Might-Makes-Right/They Forced Me To Do It!/inevitable-force” hypocrisy excuses).

      There is no real “group think!” It’s just bad advice given to their intended innocent victims by habitually “psychotic” (thought-killing) hypocrites! Remember: all criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals!

      Far too many people still haven’t figured out that their Go-Along-To-Get-Along SUBMISSION (i.e: to go along with criminal lies, to get along with the scary lying criminals) will NEVER WORK because the hypocrites who extort them into Submitting will never “Respect!” them for it anyways! Life’s an IQ test, and there’s really only two kinds of people: Those who think government will protect them, and those who think.


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