Popish Excretions: “My Critics Are Performing “Work of the Devil”

Pope Francis: Presence of God in Europe ‘Diluted by Consumerism’

it’s not consumerism that is diluting Christianity in Europe, it’s Islam.

Pope Claims His Critics Are Performing “Work of the Devil”

Au contraire.

This pope sounds just like Dr Fraudci. “I am the science”, declared he, and if you don’t believe Fraudci the magnificent, you are anti-science. Now this communist fraud of a pope declares opposition to his Islamo-prop “work of the devil”, which he is actually engaged in.

Commies & Mohammedans always accuse us of what they are guilty of.

Pope Francis has claimed that conservative critics of his views on issues such as mass migration and climate change are performing the “work of the devil.”

Many would argue to opposite to be the case.

The Pope takes part in PR stunts to promote mass Islamic immigration to the west, including one in which he appeared with the Rwandan refugee responsible for killing a French priest and burning down a cathedral.

After Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán asked Pope Francis not to let Christianity “perish,” the Pope responded by telling Hungarians that they should “extend their arms to everyone,” referring to migrants and refugees.

Pope Francis even went so far as to all but excuse the actions of the Charlie Hebdo jihadist killers when he said that freedom of speech has limits, morally siding with the bloodthirsty fanatics who slaughtered the French cartoonists.

When he’s not washing the feet of Islamic migrants to amplify the narrative that Christian countries should absorb millions of people from the Middle East and North Africa, the Pope is pushing globalist climate change propaganda.

Pope Francis wants to make “acts against the environment a sin,” thereby elevating Mother Earth as some kind of new age deity, while also calling for global governance to fight climate change.

Last year, the Pope also offered his support for gay marriage, saying same-sex couples should be able to form “civil unions,” a position you’ll struggle to find sympathy for in the actual Bible.

The Pope has also done little other than tacitly support the targeting of pious Catholic priests by the church establishment for merely trying to uphold the faith, something Mel Gibson recently described as a “very deep sickness.”

If your rhetoric serves to amplify the agenda that every truly satanic globalist is striving towards then it’s not your critics who are doing the “work of the devil,” it’s you.