Sky News host Alan Jones says the “total removal” of freedoms and subjugation of people by governments have reached “pandemic proportions”.

Let me get in early.

I am not sure we can believe anything we are told about so-called “Freedom Day.”

Did someone say, with certainty, Freedom Day will occur after we get 70% fully vaccinated.

But, 70% of whom? Adults or adults and children?
Note how we are not told.

Put aside the fact that there are any number of arguments against the vaccination of children; indeed, there was a backbench rebellion only a fortnight ago in Britain where 26 Tory MPs warned that overruling expert advice risked, “dissolving the bond of trust” between the public and the Government.
Their concern was that the Joint-Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had delivered a verdict earlier this month that the “margin of benefit” of jabbing 12 to 15-year-olds was “considered too small” and cited the low-risk to healthy children from the virus.

That is a debate for another day.
Nonetheless, while we are talking Britain, they had a “Freedom Day” on July 19.
Get ready.

It was nothing like a “Freedom Day,” but rather saddled British people with a continuing host of restrictions.

We should note though that vaccine passports will not be introduced.
But, as here, they have a Health Covid Pass, which is the same thing as our Covid-19 Certificate – a vaccine passport by another name.

“Freedom Day” should be confirmation of one thing.
You don’t start a medical or public health intervention without being clear when you are going to stop it.

And we should be unhappy that that is something we are not told.
The first freedom that should be conferred is the freedom to tell the truth.
As I write, worldwide, 99.5% of all cases are mild. In Australia, 99% are mild. Why are we never told this?

Second freedom is the freedom from alarmism and hysteria.
For example, on Monday September 13, NSW breathlessly announced there were 1260 “cases.”

You have heard me say, we are sick of this statistic.
I wonder how many of those knew they were even sick. People line up to be tested for a virus they don’t know they have.

But nonetheless, that figure was from 137,668 tests.
God only knows what this is costing the taxpayer.
But the percentage of those testing positive, of the total number of tests, was 0.91%.

Fast forward nine days to September 22.
Fewer cases, 1035. But there were 133,839 tests.
So the percentage of positive tests 0.77%.
These are piddling figures.

So why are freedoms everywhere still being crushed?
So-called “Freedom Day,” I can assure you, is a long way off?
Our obsession with tests and figures without highlighting the minuscule proportion who are positive has become a laughingstock.

Tim Blair, who writes splendidly for News Corp recently quoted from Boston’s The Atlantic newspaper and Conor Friedersdorf who argued, “If a country indefinitely forbids its own citizens from leaving its borders, strands tens of thousands of its citizens abroad, puts strict rules on intra-state travel, prohibits citizens from leaving home without an excuse from an official government list, mandates masks even when people are outdoors and socially distanced, deploys the military to enforce those rules, bans protest, and arrests and fines dissenters, is that country still a liberal democracy?”

Well, we know the answer to that, but are we even a Federation?
Earlier this month, the Prime Minister said he would allow the States to decide for themselves when they reintroduced overseas travel.
As Tim Blair amusingly observed, “Next up, separate passports, currencies and possibly languages.”

So when you hear these utterances, how can you believe any of this nonsense about a “Freedom Day?”
Where does the public fit in?

A recent survey found seven out of ten Australians want border closures to be a national responsibility. States should not be allowed to go it alone.
Six out of ten Queenslanders agree.

But Palaszczuk, McGowan and Co make their own rules and Morrison, on our behalf, is apparently happy about that.
Where do curfews fit into our freedoms?

Berejiklian, in NSW, imposes a curfew across Western and South Western Sydney.
Barilaro, her deputy, says they have done little to stem rising case numbers and imposed great harm upon the wellbeing of communities.

You see, even those in charge can’t agree, yet these are the people running the show.
Can you imagine them, purporting to represent us, coming to conclusions about the restoration of freedoms that bear any relationship to what they would want us to think “Freedom Day” was all about?

What kind of a show are we running when you can neither leave your own country, nor get back into it?

But if the Palaszczuks of this world have their way, we will be able to get a good seafood feed in Singapore before we can get one in Queensland’s Port Douglas or Western Australia’s Freemantle.

And what freedoms are you entitled to, virus or no virus, if you live in a housing commission tower in Redfern?
Apparently, a block there is “infected”, whatever that means?
I thought people got infected, not blocks.

But there are three massive towers, thousands of residents, who have been told to get tested and self-isolate.
How the hell do you isolate in a block of housing commission flats, three towers and a couple of lifts.

How free are you when you get a letter shoved under your door which tells you to keep the door shut and avoid the lifts, entries and exits?
I am not joking.

What would these people think of empty promises about Freedom Day?
And anyway, what does would “freedom” mean in NSW?
Premier Palaszczuk has said she won’t risk letting anyone in because they might have the virus and it would put every unvaccinated child under 12 at risk.
So far there is no vaccination available for an under 12.

And if we ever reach 80% adult vaccinated, why wouldn’t they be allowed in?
If not, when?
No one allowed in except via quarantine.
Please don’t call that freedom.

If there is a national plan, then there should be two compelling components – ban lockdowns and ban border closures.
And if Palaszczuk and McGowan and Co don’t want to do that, then we could bestow upon them a well-earned “freedom.”

From this point on, “free” of any financial assistance from Canberra.
And what about another “freedom.”
If you’re double vaxxed you will have to show digital proof via the Service NSW App.
Shouldn’t that be it?

Why then would you have to go through all this further QR code documentation?
Further impositions and limits on freedom.
And where in NSW does any definition of freedom fit with the alarmist reaction to lockdowns for the Byron and Tweed regions.

Complete lockdown because a crew member of the reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” tested positive after a PCR test, though, via an exemption, she had been allowed to travel.

So poor buggers locked down for weeks in South West Sydney, not deemed “essential workers” and therefore can’t travel, but some person working for a reality TV show is an “essential worker” and can cause hundreds of thousands of people to be locked down.

It is when these dictatorial edicts are issued that you recall one simple truth.
We started as a prison colony and we have returned to being a prison colony.
Don’t for one moment believe in “Freedom Day.”

Get ready to start counting the “freedoms” that you may never get back.
Consider this.
There are more people than ever vaccinated; there are more people being tested; there are more lockdowns; there is more control over your life.

And yet, Premier Berejiklian says “We need to continue to brace ourselves for October being the worst month for the number of people who pass away and the number of people who need intensive care.”

Does that sound like someone willing to excite the electorate about “freedoms” coming our way or someone who is addicted to retaining control?
I think the ultimate freedom we seek is to be completely free of the alarmists and the fear-mongerers.

Approximately 471 Australians die every day in this country.
The total coronavirus deaths in Australia have been 1,178 in 600 days.
How good are your maths? That is under two a day.
How much have we sacrificed for that?

And don’t believe any politician who tells you it is about to end.


  1. Great to see you back. I agree with all you have said. The lady at the centre of the Byron/Tweed lockdown was also doubly vaccinated.
    Our Government along with the States are a disgrace. They have removed our rights and freedoms, divided the country, trying to persecute the unvaccinated who happen to have Constitutional rights that this Government ignores. The police are thugs.
    Very sad and stressful time in our wonderful country.

  2. Since they inflated the economic bubble to behemoth proportions, they’re simply keeping everyone from working or spending until the (lack) of economy catches up with the underlying reality. Always follow the money – that’s what this “Great Reset” is all about.

  3. Spot on
    Remember aboriginal reserves eg aboriginal missions throughout the country. This is a wash rinse repeat tactics but just on a bigger scale.

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