“Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve” Turned Australia Into a Full-Blown Dictatorship

Tyrants rule

Everything is politics:

In our time there is no such thing as apart from politics, all issues are political issues.

George Orwell

When Hamas, AntiFa, BLM, ExR, or CFMEU run a rally in Melbourne, they get police protection. When ordinary taxpayers rally, Dan’s Stormtroopers give them $5,000 fines, teargas and rubber bullets.

Seems fair.

Dan Andrews will ban ALL public transport for six hours this weekend and hand out $5,500 fines to stop anti-lockdown protesters from storming Melbourne


‘It is absolutely sadistic to roll it out when you have no evidence that it would work…What is good enough for Merrylands is also good for Mosman.’
“We have been made to feel like criminals in our own homes,” Arab Council of Australia chief executive Randa Kattan said.
France will recall its ambassadors from Australia and the US after the Morrison government’s decision to tear up a $90 billion contract to buy 12 French submarines.
If you still believe the WuFlu vaccination will give you your basic freedoms back…
In the end, you will need to take it back.