Who turned these medics into Marxist warming loons?

Medical Academics Weigh in on ‘Climate Change,’ Call for Reorganizing ‘Societies and Economies’

Yikes! Who turned the whole medical wakademia into climate freakazoids?

A joint editorial by the New England Journal of Medicine and other medical academics around the globe seeks to advance the “climate change” agenda, and it goes beyond reducing emissions to calling for transforming “societies and economies.”

The Orwellian editorial, which was co-written by the British Medical Journal and The Lancet, seeks to put pressure on world leaders ahead of a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly that begins on Sept. 14, as well as those who will be gathering in November at a global climate treaty conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

A petition to support free speech for Australian doctors

What is informed consent if your doctor is not allowed to inform you?

What are they Hiding? Censorship. Free speech. Even if Dr Oosterhuis is allowed to keep his license after being grilled today, the NSW Medical Board will have succeeded in scaring many doctors into silence. If our medical agencies were corrupt, the first people to point that out would be doctors who could speak freely. The gross overreaction of the NSW Medical Board tells us all that they don’t have solid evidence, and they might be covering up either their incompetence or something worse.

What are they hiding?

NSW Medical Board to grill anti-vax doctor

The Australian

A Sydney doctor has been hauled before the NSW Medical Board after he questioned evidence behind Covid-19 vaccines and promoted unapproved treatments, including Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, in a case that will test the limits of what medical professionals can say publicly.

Anaesthetist Paul Oosterhuis, who has practised in NSW’s public hospital system for more than 30 years, will front the board at a hearing on Friday, where he could be stripped of his licence after he made Facebook posts more than two weeks ago.

“AHPRA has said you can only speak good about the vaccine but I take the view you don’t have informed consent in the absence of an open, honest discussion of risks and benefits of medical procedures and advice.”

Why does The Australian call him an “anti-vax doctor” as if all vaccines are the same?  They could have said “doctor who questions Covid vax”.

The NSW Medical Board has taken only two weeks to try one of their own. How many years will it take for them to read papers on Vitamin D, Zinc, B6, Hydroychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, and all the nutrients and non-profitable medicines that might help NSW patients?

What’s more important — Pfizer profits, or sick people?

I signed this petition

Supporting Dr Paul Oosterhuis

Dr. Paul Oosterhuis is an Australian anaesthetist with over thirty years experience, including in critical care and resuscitation, who urgently needs your support. He is facing a hearing by the Medical Board of NSW for posting information on social media regarding COVID-19. His posts related to early treatment and prophylaxis, PCR tests, and risk-benefit calculations regarding COVID-19 vaccination and lockdowns (scroll down for details). His hearing is on September 3rd. Please help him by signing and sharing this petition.


Even if your signature doesn’t help in today’s grilling, it helps in the long run.

Stand up for free speech. Let doctors know you will not let them be threatened or silenced.