Yes, Victoria is a “Dan-made Disaster”

Truth loves questions, protests & debate:

Victorian Labor government intent on covering up massive numbers of Victorian protestors in their capital city.
Vic police asked Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to make a no-fly zone above inner-city Melbourne. CASA approved the request.
Liars & people with something to hide squash questions, protests & debate.
So many things that state & federal governments are closing down – people’s lives, small business, freedom, truth, …
Feel Welcome to name more things they’re closing down.

Stand-off at Shrine ends in cloud of tear gas and hail of police rounds

The hours-long stand-off between police and several hundred protesters came at the end of another meandering march through the city. Once the demonstrators had occupied the steps of the Shrine and were sitting around the eternal flame, they chanted a mix of anti-vaccine slogans and invective at Premier Daniel Andrews, as well as singing the national anthem and holding a minute’s silence for people who had died by suicide during the pandemic. At one stage they took a knee in front of police officers.

Debbie Robinson

Our forefathers fought bled and died for us. Shrine of Remembrance is exactly where the people should be. The despotic government and its stormtroopers are the ones being disrespectful to the people of Australia it’s disgusting.

Another Victorian saved from Covid. #ThanksDan

Melbourne Australia Police and Riot Squads Fire Upon Peaceful Protestors While Media Frame COVID Anti-Lockdown Protests as Domestic Extremists
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On day three of the Melbourne labor union protests against the brutal COVID lock-downs and forced mRNA genetic experiments, the Victorian government decided to open fire upon the peaceful protestors. The police triggered a ‘no-fly zone’ in the Melbourne metropolitan area to stop media from using their helicopters to record the protests and violent police activity.

While the official motive given by police for the media ban was to block protestors from knowing where the thousands of police were amassing; the background issue of the government wanting to keep the Australian people from seeing police open fire upon their own citizens is transparently obvious.  Americans would be wise to pay attention to all facets of how the Australian government is moving violently against their own citizens.  [PIC: Partial Protest Crowd at Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance]

As we have seen in the U.S, there is an alarming alignment between the operatives of the Australian government and the media stenographers who willingly push a “violent extremist” narrative in order to downplay the brutal police tactics being deployed against ordinary working class Victorians.   As you watch the first video below, it is well worth remembering these are the same Melbourne police units who took a knee during last years Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne.

Thousands of heavily outfitted and well-armed jackboots -with armor plated MRAP vehicles in support- confronted the protest groups throughout the Melbourne metro area.  The police deployments forced the groups to assemble at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance where a stand-off took place between the protestors and thousands of police units surrounding them.  Once they had the protestors surrounded, the police began tightening the perimeter, until they eventually opened fire with tear gas and rubber bullets.


Why are the Victorian police trying to close down the media? Because they are taking orders from the dictator and also discovered they loved the power.

Why is Victoria Police fighting media freedom?

Whatever your views on the Melbourne protests, here’s something you should be concerned about: the attack on media freedom –and transparency and accountability — by Victoria Police.

Yesterday, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority barred aircraft flying below 2,500 feet over Melbourne’s inner city without police approval for five days, preventing media from using helicopters to provide live coverage of anti-lockdown rallies.

Later, after protests from media outlets, VicPol said the instructions will include a provision for media outlets to operate their aircraft over the CBD.

“As part of the conditions, pilots will need to obtain approval from Victoria Police air wing before taking off, to ensure there are no safety risks,” a VicPol spokeswoman has been quoted as saying.

But the spokeswoman added, “Media outlets will also be required to delay publishing any live-stream footage from the air by 60 minutes or at the conclusion of the operation.”

Or, as someone who doesn’t regard media freedom, accountability and the public with contempt would say it’s back to square one, just with some stupid spin added.

Media are still prevented from using helicopters to provide live coverage of anti-lockdown rallies.

The CASA ruling has been challenged in the Federal Court this morning. The Australian reports

Queensland Australia Police Have Two Weeks to Get Vaccinated or Get Out
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk
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Chickens coming home to roost?  The state of Queensland, Australia, (QLD) is located in the northeastern portion of the nation above the state of New South Wales. The biggest metropolitan areas are Brisbane to the south and Cairns to the north.  Like many states, and in alignment with the national plan, Queensland is mandating a vaccination upon citizens if they want to escape the rules and regulations of lockdowns and COVID compliance dictates.

Despite some initial signs of moderation, recently Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has fallen into line with the national government plan and has announced she is fully prepared to be just as big a totalitarian dictator as her neighboring Premiers to the west and south.  As a consequence, Premier Palaszczuk has decreed that all Queensland police units must be vaccinated within two weeks or they will lose their jobs.  WATCH:

The citizens of Queensland will take the mRNA immunity modification serum, aka “the jab”, or they will be discarded from society.   There is a relatively small faction of reasonable police who might have a problem with that.  However, if you look at the upcoming new classes of junior officers (pictured below), you’ll get an idea of where their mindset is.

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