“Coercion is not freedom of choice”

Natural immunity is preferable to a dodgy substance injected in your veins that causes your natural immunity to break down.

When we were kids, we were punished for lying. Now, we are punished for telling the truth.

Have you seen the UK’s report that showed approx – 72% of deaths were vaccinated?

Now scientists have confirmed that natural immunity is more effective than vaxxed immunity, why can’t I have my freedoms back?

I’ve got immunity from having had the virus, so where’s my permanent health pass and end to testing hell? Governments are ignoring an avalanche of clinical studies proving the Covid-recovered could simply be left alone.

As someone who has recovered from Covid-19, I’m tired of spending the better part of a year now contending with brainwashed sheeple glued to every word of our flip-flopping, agenda peddling, manipulative government authorities trying to sell us on the idea that if you’ve already had the virus, you still need to get at least one approved anti-Covid jab.