“Dumb Motherf*kcers….”

30,000 Whίte women rαped by blαcks every single year in the USA and Conservative INC will not allow any discussion of the issue.

Obama Calls Outcry over Loudoun County Rape Coverup ‘Phony, Trumped-Up Culture War’

Nothing to see when an Obamunist“gender fluid” boy rapes a white girl.

Shut up, you racists!

Obama campaigned for former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Saturday, urging voters to dismiss controversial issues raised by parents of children in public schools.

Parents in Virginia and around the country are furious over a report of a female student who was allegedly raped by a “gender fluid” boy in a in a public school girls’ bathroom in Loudoun County.


‘You can’t allow people to say things that are absolutely untrue when you have a f—ing news organization,’ Rogan said

Podcast giant Joe Rogan held no punches towards CNN’s Don Lemon after the anchor doubled down on his network’s “horse dewormer” narrative. 

Warmists Push UK Govt to Kill New Mining and Oil Rig Jobs

Boris Johnson’s government has halted development of the first new deep coal mine in Britain for decades, after a former Chief Science Adviser insisted the country “must satisfy John Kerry” on its devotion to the climate change agenda.

The long-planned mine in Cumbria, Northern England, would have created hundreds of jobs providing the high-quality coke which remains necessary to produce steel — the dream of so-called green hydrogen as a replacement for coke in the industry remains far from being fully realised, particularly at scale — but the development has now been “called in” for a public inquiry by the Johnson administration.