Fraudci, Ivermectin & Natural Immunity

Ivermectin continues to wreck the party for big pharma.

One has to ask what kind of TGA would suppress the use and availability of this proven medicine…
And what kind of media would demonise this same treatment as well…
Only the thoroughly corrupt, evil and sinister kind.

Doctors Have No Say Anymore—Hospital Administration Decide What to Prescribe & Rest Assured They Align with Feds.

What is unfolding before our eyes is so much bigger than mere political differences between being a Republican or Democrat. Western civilization is currently under a well coordinated attack marking a culmination of decades in planning. We’re transitioning towards totalitarianism.

Deafening Silence: ‘Fauci’ Documentary Filmmakers Won’t Comment on Bombshell Report Linking Fauci to Wuhan Lab